The ten commandments for raising your frequencies

We are living in a world of duality. We are here to experience both the light and the unlight. Don't fight the darkness but deal with it. These ten commandments help you raising your frequency and deal with the darkness. The result will be a revelation.

  1. Be love! Remember who you are and where you come from.
  2. Be sensitive! Feel and rely on your intuition. Thoughts are interpretations of feelings and controlled by your ego.
  3. Be brave! Fear and other negative emotions are caused by the absence of love. Increase your frequency by eliminating fears.
  4. Be critical! See who and what enslaves you. Investigate everything and follow the money. Avoid The MSM, they are owned by the unlight an are meant to keep you in hypnosis.
  5. Be forgiving Always speak out against injustice but forgive unconditionally! Even if injustice doesn't affects you directly, will affect you sooner or later indirectly. Forgiving unconditionally!
  6. Be responsible! You become a victim if you stop dealing with the situation you're in.
  7. Be friendly! Never use verbal, physical or psychological violence. It lowers your frequency. Humor is a great way to overcome negativity.
  8. Be generous! Share what you have. The paradox is that you always get back in some way what you give if you expect nothing in return.
  9. Be collaborative! Connect with like-minded people. Get organized, allign and multiply the positive energy.
  10. Be grateful! for what you have and the (hard) lessons you experience.